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For manufacturers of commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, and so forth, we produce special sealing profiles made of materials that can withstand the high demands of hard use and cleaning. Edge protection sealing profiles, which come in contact with oils or lubricants, are made of NBR. This material has very good oil resistance qualities, in contrast to EPDM. NBR is also used wherever it might occasionally get in contact with solvents.

Edge Protection Sealing Profile

To line and seal a window recess, a fixed length of edge protection sealing profile is used. By selecting a product with proper corner radius, the profile fits accurately in the corners. The two ends are connected to form a butt joint and are sometimes glued together.

Base Material:
EPDM Soft Rubber
70±5 Shore A
with steel wire clamp 

EPDM Foam Rubber
0,55±0,5 g/cm³

Insertion/Pull-off Force:
min. 80N
Hose compression strength 12±3 N, black


Rubber Clamping Profile

Used for free-standing glazing.

This profile is used to manufacture frames or rings with Normec vulcanization or by gluing.

Exact corners can be made by injection molding.

We also manufacture window guide rails with flocking for sliding windows.

EPDM black
65±5 Shore A

Edge Protection

Serve as protection against injury and to improve visual appearance.

PVC with embedded metal clamp

(also available in white and silver)