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For campers and motorhomes, we manufacture industry-specific sealing profiles for doors, windows and hatches. These profiles are characterized by special cross-sections, which ensure a good seal against wind and weather. In addition, they can either be coated with anti-friction finish or felt, or with a completely new process--laminated with fabric. They are made in different colors to adapt to the design of the motorhome, such as beige, off-white, white or light gray.

Edge Protection Sealing Profiles

The long lip on this profile elegantly bridges the gap between the door frame and the body.

These profiles can be manufactured in different colors to match the interior trim.

EPDM Sealed Foam Rubber

Carrier and Lip:
Soft PVC in various shore hardness with steel clamp

Window Sealing Profiles

We offer this profile in different versions. Either glued or vulcanized frames and rings in specific sizes can be manufactured from it.

Clamping Profile
EPDM Foam Rubber
60±5 Shore A


Rubber Sealing Profile

Co-extruded with foam rubber

On request coated with anti-friction coating.

In this case, the profile is used to seal vent windows.


In combination with the door seal, shown elsewhere here, a guard against "splash water" is also guaranteed.

Sealant Material:
EPDM Foam Rubber
0,55±0,05 g/cm³

Base Material:
EPDM Soft Rubber
70±5 Shore A


Window Guide Rail

The material is EPDM with flocking and is produced for a wide variety of disc thicknesses.

The flock serves both to aid in sealing and to assure better gliding characteristics of the discs.

EPDM Soft Rubber
70±5 Shore A

with steel clamp


flocked with

Polyamide 3.3 dtex / 2 mm