Competitive Edge through Quality!

Company Policies & Guidelines of Sand Profile GmbH

  • Respect and responsible interactions are essential parts of our business model. We’re committed to abiding by all current laws, instructions, decrees and internal policies (IMS & Code of Conduct).
  • We pride ourselves on acting in an ethical and consistent manner, and we take the responsibility for our employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment seriously.
  • We hold our suppliers to the same high standards that we as a company value. We believe in transparent and ethical business practices, as well as compliance in qualitative, energetic, social and ecological areas.
  • We understand how change can bring about new opportunities and we welcome that challenge. Our future growth relies heavily on flexibility and an openness to invest in technological and energetic advancements.
  • We value our employees and understand the importance of retention. This is demonstrated through rewards programs as well as ongoing training that encourages proactivity and taking initiative.
  • We trust our staff and this is demonstrated through the delegation of various responsibilities. We strongly believe in the importance of teamwork, and we emphasize the need for continuous improvement at all levels. Honesty, fairness, integrity, as well as an openness for change are values that we hold dear.
  • We critically analyze ourselves on a continuous basis. This is done through constructive criticism in an effort to identify potential weaknesses and shortcomings so that we can continue to grow as an organization.
  • We value safety, health, environmental and energy matters in the same systematic and transparent manner as business matters suchas quality, productivity and cost efficiency and provide the necessary resources for all areas.
  • We are a global and owner managed company that supports honest and open communication between all internal levels, as well as with our customers, suppliers, government agencies, and the public.
  • Lawful and ethical behavior, as well as fair competition are essential aspects of our business and can be seen in all company actions.